Samstag, Juni 23, 2012 Jean-François Lepage for Hauser + Hauser

"For the past three decades while the world saw dreams in its sleep, Jean-Francois Lepage was seeing them while wide awake. Translating his visions into captivating photographs, drawings, paintings, and collages, Lepage stops time to wander in the surreal landscapes of the subconscious moments caught in between the conscious movements of the individual.

Working out of Paris, France, Lepage has created a hybrid body of work that laces together cinema, surrealism, and haute-couture. His subjects stand lonesome, numb to their own high fashion glamour, deeply gazing into a void that seduces their hidden souls with an ecstasy of solitude and the eventual promise of death. The images, at first site, appear to be carefully crafted with dramatic artificial lighting, highly saturated color choices, exaggerated wardrobe and makeup styling, and the flawlessly placed models. But when one begins to engage with the images with further pursuit for meaning, one realizes that what stands before them is purity. Past the complex exterior of each composition, Lepage captures the moments of truth that expose the individual more than they, themselves, can understand. A subtle movement or gesture completes each frame to the highest point of perfection. The effect is both soothing and physically disturbing.

Lepage has set himself apart as both a fashion photographer and a visual artist with his innovative approach of merging the two worlds into his own conceptual universe of image making. With the use of drawing and deconstructed collage, Lepage further pushes his work to explore his insights on individuality, mortality, and the unspoken forces which guide the sublime emotional instincts of the human mind.

The haunting work of Jean-Francois Lepage speaks the universal language of solitude, self-reflection, and the uncontrollable desire to find beauty and comfort in the mysterious truth behind life, death, and everything else in between."

Text: Darya Kosilova

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